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Are you dealing with shoulder pain in San Antonio? The shoulder joint houses one of the sockets with the largest range of motion in the human body and consequently is at the mercy of an extensive list of ailments that can affect it. The possible sources of shoulder pain are nearly limitless, however, a significant portion of shoulder injuries are the result of neck and upper back issues, degradation at the shoulder joint, vigorous exercise, and auto injuries. As a result of the many different ways in which shoulder pain can develop, the symptoms can range from mild to debilitating. Since the shoulder joint is utilized in everyday tasks individuals, it is imperative to care for any shoulder injury promptly and effectively. Even seemingly harmless shoulder injuries should be treat by an experienced chiropractor in San Antonio to prevent the injury from becoming more serious.

Shoulder Pain Options in San Antonio

A few signs of a shoulder injury tend to be somewhat more conspicuous than the others. For this reason, all symptoms concerning the shoulder need to be tracked closely. Symptoms that warrant an examination of the shoulder are shoulder pain that lingers for a week or longer, intermittent shoulder pain, inability to lift hand above the shoulder, difficulty lifting objects, pain at the shoulder joint that increases in severity at night, some obvious indications of damage to the joint such as swelling or bruising, an odd sounds or clicks coming from the shoulder joint when moving.

The best therapy for shoulder pain relief depends largely on the cause of the pain. For that reason, obtaining a precise examination and understanding of your specific condition is key to a successful diagnosis and treatment plan. The chiropractic team at Hildebrand Chiropractic is uniquely trained to assess and treat your shoulder pain. Our staff will utilize their clinical expertise to compose a comprehensive treatment plan that will help you find lasting relief.

What To Expect

We will make sure that your neck and spine are properly aligned, and also readjust the joints and ligaments in your shoulder area where necessary. Poor posture is one of the greatest contributors to shoulder issues, and our comprehensive treatment plan can include strengthening exercises that will help you to maintain good posture throughout the day. Dr. Coe and his associates will also review proper ergonomics that are fundamental in maintaining good posture when working at a desk and on a computer all day. We can also discuss other helpful lifestyle changes such as diet and nutrition profiles and exercise and stretching routines. It is our strong belief that our patients deserve to live pain-free!

Chiropractic Treatment from Your San Antonio Chiropractor

At Hildebrand Chiropractic, Dr. Sanford Coe is dedicated to providing our patients with effective, non-invasive, and drug-free treatments that relieve shoulder pain and also decrease the chance of it reoccurring.

When the neck and spine are not properly aligned, the shoulders can bear the brunt of this condition. Our team is here to ensure that there is no blockage in your shoulders caused by misalignment and inflamed joints. If you have recently been involved in an auto accident or sustained a sports injury, we can help you to strengthen the muscles that support the neck and spine and help you protect that area from reinjury. In addition to the adjustment of your spine and neck, we will also make sure that your shoulder joints and ligaments are in their proper place and readjust where necessary.

Poor posture, and sitting in front of a computer all day, can also cause chronic shoulder pain. The team at Hildebrand Chiropractic will work with you to help you master good posture habits that will be beneficial to your entire body, especially your shoulders.

Therapies for Shoulder Pain

The neck and upper spine are regions of the body that are chiefly responsible for supporting the shoulder joint. When the pathways between the nerves and these supporting muscles are cut off due to spinal misalignments, then a waterfall effect occurs. The result is the shoulder dealing with an increased load without sufficient support. While the body can handle overuse from time to time, its limits are eventually reached and injuries occur. If the shoulder pain remains after our spinal realignment therapy, the team at Hildebrand Chiropractic has experience with a comprehensive range of therapies aimed at correcting the underlying issue. When the source of your pain is resolved, relief of your shoulder pain is inevitable.

Our chiropractic clinic has a variety of therapies that complement chiropractic care in order to relieve your shoulder pain effectively. If you have any questions about shoulder pain treatments or want to schedule a free consultation, contact Hildebrand Chiropractic in San Antonio today.

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