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Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling

Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling San Antonio

Whether you have been on a recent trip or are preparing for a grand adventure, let our San Antonio chiropractor help you. With chiropractic care, Hildebrand Chiropractic will help you reduce travel ache and pain. Here are some tips to get you started, along with information on how to contact our chiropractor for care.

Woman resting on an airplane.

How Can I Improve Travel and Reduce Aches and Pain in an Airplane? You are limited to your mobility on an airplane, so take time before you board to do some basic stretching. Try to get a seat in the aisle so you can easily get up and walk down the aisle every 30 minutes. Minimize the amount of weight in your carry-on luggage and consider a suitcase with wheels to reduce strain on your back.

What are Tips for Traveling by Car to Reduce Pain? Use ergonomic practices whether you are driving or a passenger in a car. This includes sitting up straight and using a support for your lower back. Take time to stretch when you are in the car by tightening and loosening your muscles periodically. Also, make sure to get out and walk around whenever you stop for gas or other reasons.

How Should I Help My Child Minimize Travel Ache? Provide your smaller child with a car seat that fits them. If you have older children, encourage them to practice the same steps you take when traveling by car or airplane. This includes stretching and walking around to get circulation in their body. To make it fun, devise games or activities you can do with your child to get them moving, such as playing tag at rest areas or counting your steps to see who walks more.

Contact Our San Antonio Chiropractor Today Chiropractic care should also be included in your travel preparations. Contact our San Antonio chiropractor at Hildebrand Chiropractic to schedule your adjustment before or after your trip. Call our office at 210-239-0987 to make an appointment for you and your child.

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