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Consultation For Auto Accident Injuries in San Antonio, TX

Consultation For Auto Accident Injuries San Antonio, TX

Visiting Hildebrand Chiropractic After an Auto Accident Injury In San Antonio, TX

If you are considering visiting our San Antonio chiropractor after an auto accident, you may be a little intimidated by not knowing what to expect. Your first consultation at Hildebrand Chiropractic will involve making a diagnosis, and then creating a treatment plan.

Diagnostics The very first thing that our chiropractor will do is talk to you about your issues. If you have pain, we will discuss when it started, where it is located on your body, and whether it is worse when you do certain things. We may ask about the car accident itself, such as whether the cars impacted front-to-back or front-to-side.

A hands-on evaluation may be performed to let our doctor physically feel for injuries. If our chiropractor believes it is necessary, we may order diagnostic testing. This includes things like x-rays and MRIs.

Treatment Methods Chiropractic treatment is aimed at restoring your body to its most functional, normal state. Because this is different for every person, chiropractic care is very individualized. Our doctor will finish their assessment, make a diagnosis, and then speak to you about the treatments we believe are best for you.

Because you can have an auto accident injury virtually anywhere, there is no one treatment that is always used. However, we offer a number of holistic, conservative treatments:

  1. Spinal decompression

  2. Joint manipulation

  3. Corrective exercises

  4. Posture and ergonomic advice

  5. Massage therapy

In most cases, these treatments are used in combination with each other. Spinal decompression and joint manipulation are great treatments, but often, the bones will not remain in their new (better) position unless the process is supported by strengthening and stretching exercises and muscle relaxation. Corrective exercises help strengthen and stretch, and massage is great for relaxing muscles, as well as improving healing.


Contact Hildebrand Chiropractic in San Antonio Today! Here at Hildebrand Chiropractic in San Antonio, TX, we don’t want anyone to be intimidated! If you have questions prior to your first consultation, please feel free to call us and ask. To make an appointment or find out more, call (210) 736-1882!

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