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Call Your Mom

Call Your Mother

Everything we experience in life is experienced through our brain and nervous system.  It is strange when we stop to think about it, but we don’t see reality exactly how it is, we see how it impacts our bodies.  And that impact becomes known to us by our nervous system.  At a fundamental level, we see a representation of the world around us through how it is absorbed and processed by our bodies, and the part of our body that does that is our brain.

There is a strange concept that is well understood by psychologists, and it is that our memories are only partially accurate.  One study found that of 239 criminal cases that were subsequently overturned due to later DNA and laboratory testing, 73 percent were based on eyewitness testimony.  Another study found that a third of people would believe a memory was true when it was given in a group of written experiences, when one fictional account was given in a group of true stories from family members.  The point here is that the reality of our life is a construct form our brain of the world around us, and is not perfect, and that our memories are predictably only somewhat accurate.  Just like everyone is, in our own way, not perfect.

This reminds us that the interaction between our brain and the outside world is not perfect, and probably never will be.  Chiropractic is beautiful in that is built to eliminate stress to the nervous system  – the way we go about experiencing our own life.  Chiropractic and a stress free nerve system is critical help with the inevitable challenges and uncertainties life throws us.

Did you call your mother today? And if so, did you hurt someone doing it?

This is about how we talk on the phone – and the absolute worst way to talk on the phone.  And that is sticking the phone between your ear and your shoulder so that you can use both hands while you talk.  That is a strategy that will make your chiropractor cringe and definitely set you up for a neck and upper back problem.

In the past, office phones would have big curved add-ons to the handheld phones, to minimize the stress this phone-to-shoulder position had on office workers’ necks and upper backs.  Now our phones have gotten even smaller, and we would need a foot and a half of curved foam to save us while using both hands and talking on the phone at the same time!  Wondering how you may have gotten your neck and upper back into tough shape?  Look at how you are using your phone, and definitely watch out for that old habit of sticking it into the space between your shoulder and your ear.  Keep that space wide open – for your listening and your health.  Mom will be glad you did.

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