Herniated Disc in San Antonio TX

Herniated Disc in San Antonio TX

Many times the cause of back pain is a herniated disc. Understanding a herniated disc begins with knowing how the spine is built. The spine is constructed of perfectly aligned bones, which are securely held in place by a network of muscles, ligaments and tendons. There are small cushions (discs) that are located between the bones. The bones and the discs stack up on one top of the other to form the spine. Nerves find safe passage through the length of the spine. Within each disc there is a soft center, which is surrounded by a strong exterior. If some of that soft interior manages to get pushed out through the exterior, it can leave a hole in the outer edge. That hole through the outer layer of the disc is referred to as a herniated disc. Another term you might sometimes hear for this condition is a bulging disc. Whether it’s called a bulging disc or a herniated disc, we can help you in San Antonio with a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Herniated DiscUnderstanding the Herniated Disc Symptoms

If you are suffering from back pain, it’s worthwhile to take a minute to find out about herniated disc symptoms. While your spine is made up of the cervical spine (the neck), the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine (lower spine) most of the times a herniated disc will occur in your lumbar spine. The symptoms for a bulging disc in the lower back include pain in the legs and pain in the buttocks. Leg pain can be in the thigh or calf and it can even extend down to portions of your foot. If you have a herniated disc in your neck, it can cause severe pain in your shoulder or your arm. You can especially feel this sharp, shooting pain when you move into a specific position or even when you cough or sneeze. Other symptoms of bulging disc include tingling, numbness or weakness. A chiropractor in our San Antonio office can help identify herniated disc symptoms.

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Getting relief from a herniated disc in our San Antonio office begins with a proper diagnosis from an experienced chiropractor. Our chiropractor will narrow down the area of the herniated disc and then suggest the correct treatment plan. In order to avoid surgery and to relieve the pain, the chiropractor will suggest a non-invasive type of care. Besides medication to reduce pain and swelling, we will recommend manipulation of the affected area. Reduce your back pain today. Make an appointment at Hildebrand Chiropractic, 732 W Hildebrand Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212-2124 by calling (210) 736-1882.

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